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This week, we tackle a tricky listener question on why CreditKarma (Vantage 3) credit scores can be so different from the FICO score offered with lots of Citibank and Barclays credit cards. We'll also break down some new changes to how credit scores will treat negative public records in the near future. In the second half of the show, Erik breaks down sweet spots for booking a ticket for children under two years old when adults are booking with points. www.abroaders.com/172

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This week, Erik and AJ discuss ANA first class bookings at awesome prices using Virgin Atlantic miles (currently with a 30% transfer bonus from Amex Membership rewards), discounted American flights using Etihad miles, and tons of business class availability from Dallas to Rio de Janeiro from December to January. In the second half of the show, we cover five "whitehat" strategies for generating extra spend to earn a signup bonus. www.abroaders.com/171

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This week Delta devalues partner awards, the Chase British Airways 100k offer returns (for high spenders only), and United sends police to drag a kicking and screaming Doctor (who wasn't misbehaving) out of his seat. In the second half of the show, Erik shares recorded calls of avoiding United's $75 close-in booking fee and his recent annual fee negotiation with Barclays. www.abroaders.com/170

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This Week Erik and AJ review what happens to your points if and when they expire. Ways to keep them alive and suggestions for transferring when you can't reset the expiration date. They also review this months Flying Blue Promo awards, how to travel with a large sum of cash, and a possible way to get an increase in your credit score this summer.

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