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This week, Erik and AJ cover the best options for earning points by paying your tax bill with a rewards credit card. In news and updates, we've got updates on the laptop & electronics ban for flights to the U.S. and U.K. along with a quick review of how you can get insurance coverage to cover your laptop if it's stolen from your checked bag. Not all rewards cards are equal, so be sure to tune in to make sure you don't get stuck with only $250 to replace your laptop or camera when you could have had $3,000 in coverage. Other news includes a bonus for becoming an Alaska frequent flyer, free lift tickets for your next ski trip, and a crazy LAX terminal shuffle scheduled for mid May. www.abroaders.com/168

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This week, Erik and AJ catch up on lots of news and updates and run through some highlights and lessons learned from Erik's trip to South Africa. www.abroaders.com/167

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This week, Erik sits down with Miles4Migrants founder Seth Stanton to talk about how they're using donated frequent flyer points to book flights to reunite refugees and their families. Check out this inspiring interview and find out the latest news from the world of travel loyalty programs. www.abroaders.com/166

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The Southwest Companion Pass is your ticket to buy-one-get-one-free flights through the end of 2018. This week, Erik and AJ talk about upcoming changes to Southwest's rules for qualifying for the Companion Pass. If you don't fly a lot with Southwest, there is still time to take advantage of transfering hotel points before March 31st. Find out how on this week's podcast. www.abroaders.com/165

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This week, we cover two limited-time offers on the Amex SPG personal and business rewards cards. The current signup bonuses are at an all time high, but that doesn't necessarily mean the cards are the best choice for everyone. In today's show, we break down the different ways you can use your SPG points for maximum value and take a closer look at Alaska, American, Lufthansa, and Japan Airlines — the major frequent flyer programs who don't partner with any other transferrable points. Get the scoop, plus this week's news at www.abroaders.com/164

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