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Brills in Iran

A.J.’s Recent redemption on air France

- Amex to air France

- Need to link the accounts before you can transfer points

- I have status with delta... So I forgot to put in sky miles number... Some seats weren't showing up on the seat selection... Because of my status I get preferred seat selection

- Status often gives benefits on partner airlines... Each airline is different

Erik’s upcoming travel

- good reminder on what I believe to be a healthy global mindset... When he travels he doesn't judge a country by the government or the prevention of the government... But by the average people... The people you meet on a day to day basis



Those who have bought the use my course and those that have not

7/month and 25/month

- Forum... This isn't just a forum.. We're actually using slack... Something I think will be much more dynamic and will offer better communication

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Want unlimited points for travel? It might just be easier than you think. This week, Justin Cooke of EmpireFlippers.com sits down with Erik to talk about the opportunities for buying an online business that generates both profits and significant credit card. Tune in at www.abroaders.com/empire

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Its time to make travel hacking knowledge available to everyone. For our 100th episode, we preview the future of the Abroaders platform and open the doors to a private community on a mission to unite and educate travel hackers. www.abroaders.com/centenial

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Can you still be a digital nomad when you have a family? It's easy when you're single, a little harder with a partner, and a whole different ballgame with kids. Caz and Craig of yTravelblog.com have sucessfully transitioned from solo travlers to a traveling couple to a traveling family. Along the way, they created yTravelblog.com and turned it into one of the top travel resources on the web. This week's show covers some great stories from the road, practical ideas on how to build travel into your future, and tips on building a full time income on the road. Shownotes at http://bit.ly/1OwCdCq

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