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Brills in Iran

A.J.’s Recent redemption on air France

- Amex to air France

- Need to link the accounts before you can transfer points

- I have status with delta... So I forgot to put in sky miles number... Some seats weren't showing up on the seat selection... Because of my status I get preferred seat selection

- Status often gives benefits on partner airlines... Each airline is different

Erik’s upcoming travel

- good reminder on what I believe to be a healthy global mindset... When he travels he doesn't judge a country by the government or the prevention of the government... But by the average people... The people you meet on a day to day basis



Those who have bought the use my course and those that have not

7/month and 25/month

- Forum... This isn't just a forum.. We're actually using slack... Something I think will be much more dynamic and will offer better communication

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