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This week Erik explains the difference between Status, Distance and Revenue based points. Why should you earn Status points for a frequent flyer account, and fast ways to earn status.

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The new Ink Business Preferred card is live! This week Erik and AJ talk about the newest business card from Chase, the 80,000 point signup bonus, and a bunch of solid benefits that come with it. After news and updates, Erik sits down with the founder of wetravel.com, Johannes Kopell, to talk about building a business in the travel space. www.abroaders.com/wetravel

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Today, Erik talks about when and why you would want to change products to avoid annual fees, take advantage of a new offer, or simply because you don't use a card anymore. Is it a good idea to close the card or to change it? He also goes over several offers across hotel and airlines that may have sweet spots for your upcoming travel.

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This week Erik & AJ check in from Medellin to discuss unannounced changes to Deltas award pricing, some nasty updates to Aeroplan's change fees, and tips for grabbing last minute business and first class seats on Cathy Pacific (and why you can't depend on BA.com for accurate availability. We'll also cover some how to grab premium cabin tickets to Asia with your star alliance miles, and assorted limited time promotions from around the world of points and miles. Lastly, this week's episode features the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil with an assortment of facts, travel tips, and ideas to make the most of a trip to the Southern Hemisphere's largest city.

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This week AJ checks in from Sao Paulo to share his adventure with bringing the wrong passport to immigration and some tips on making the most of a long travel day with some extended layovers. Erik also covers this weeks news and updates, including some new details about the new Ink business card product Chase plans to roll out soon. Last, Erik shares some recent annual fee negotiation examples to help you avoid those fees whenever possible. Shownotes at www.abroaders.com/feefree

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Do the new Amex Platinum benefits justify the $450 annual fee? Get an expert breakdown on maximizing your Amex Membership Rewards and find out how the Personal and Business Platinum cards stack up against the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi Prestige cards. www.abroaders.com/platinum


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Erik and AJ go over the changes United is rolling out this month on booking multi-itinerary tickets. What is the Excursionist Perk? What are the differences between the old rules and new rules? What can you no longer do?

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Highlights of the merger between SPG and Marriott. What it means for your status and transferring between accounts. Being able to take advantage of all the perks from all sides. AJ and Erik also go over 2 new sign-up bonuses, and a new route to Europe that will help... a lot!

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If you think using points is too complicated, it's time to take a second look. This week, we feature some great award tickets booked by you guys. Tune in for a breakdown of how your fellow listeners turned their points into flights and their top tips on how you can do the same. www.abroaders.com/listenerbookings

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