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If you have American Express Membership Rewards, this is the last week to transfer points to British Airways with a 40% bonus. British Airways is a unique frequent flyer program with 25 airline partners, including American Airlines. In this episode, you'll learn how we booked a $902 flight from Brazil to Texas for just $59.

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This week, Erik and AJ take a look at Citi ThankYou Rewards new transfer partner — Turkish Miles & Smiles. Redemptions may be a bit more work than some of the more mainstream programs, but there are some awesome sweetspots in this award chart that make it well worth the effort. We'll break down the rules and where to look for outsized value.

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In nearly ten years of booking free travel with points, we've learned a lot of lessons the hard way. This week, Erik & AJ break down their pre-departure checklist to show you how to make sure all your flights booked with points are confirmed and avoid a travel-day crisis. http://bit.ly/2xbMG1l


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This week, Erik breaks down some recent bookings using Amex Membership rewards. Amex points are especially valuable because they can transfer to multiple frequent flyer programs—meaning you can pick the type of points that works best for your specific trip. In today's show, Erik covers example bookings using Air Canada Aeroplan, All Nippon Airways, Iberia, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific. www.abroaders.com/185

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This week Erik & AJ come back from their extended 4th of July podcasting break to discuss all the news from the last two weeks. Citi Prestige is launching a new 75k offer, Thank You Premier is back with a solid bonus, and the 60k AA Platinum Select is still alive. We'll also cover minor devaluations announced by United and Alaska, and a big Amex transfer bonus to British Airways. www.abroaders.com/182

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A.J and Erik review some of current the offers with Southwest and if going for them and earning the companion pass is worthwhile now, or should be waited out to potentially max out the benefit. They also go over some of the latest travel and electronic ban news, how Delta is offering a "fly now and earn later" feature for all co-branded cards, and the new offer with Hyatt's sign up bonus. Check out the details in this week's show as well as other latest travel news. http://bit.ly/2sZHn3r

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This week, A.J. covers airline and travel news ranging from Cuba to good news for travelers looking to use miles to book flights to Hawaii. Tune in to hear about what's going to happen to your Virgin miles when they fully transition to Alaska Airlines, a $50 AirBnB credit, the TSA using finger printing technology, and what the Trump administrations new stance on Cuba means for American travelers. http://bit.ly/2ncADxL

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How exactly can you maximize your Chase Ultimate rewards? This week AJ and Erik review the different type of transfers along with what is qualified as a "good use of points" and what's not. They also review some changes with routes that United is implementing soon, reviewing some listener email questions on last's weeks show and a way to get past 5/24 with Chase if you get denied being an authorized user. http://bit.ly/2s2CFEf

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