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In the last two years, there has been fierce competition between banks to earn your business with their rewards-card products. As a result, we've seen a huge increase in the number of cards that offer additional points for purchases you make with specific types of merchants. These spending categories can mean a lot of extra points if you have the right strategy, but for some, it only makes earning rewards more complicated. In today's episode, we'll cover the top cards for spending on Travel, Dining & Restaurants, Groceries & Supermarkets, and Gas & Fuel. www.abroaders.com/236

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IberiaPlus is back with a new flash sale offering 50% off award travel between now and April 15th. The deadline to book is Sunday February 10th, but those who can act quick could score business-class awards from North America to Europe for as little as 17,000 points each way. In today's episode, we'll cover all the promo details and dive into the IberiaPlus program. This week is the last chance to score the Southwest Companion Pass with a limited-time offer from Chase, the Citi Prestige card makes it's long-awaited comeback, and we say goodbye to the Amex SPG card forever. In program news, Citi launches a 25% bonus to Turkish Miles and Smiles, Lufthansa raises award prices, and everyone seems to have a new sale on buying points. www.abroaders.com/235

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Singapore KrisFlyer has long been one of the favorite programs of miles enthusiasts, so the recent devaluation announcement is a big disappointment. Singapore is a member of StarAlliance, which makes it possible to use their miles to book on 27 different airlines within the alliance. The program also offers some unique features, like additional award availability for KrisFlyer members when booking Singapore or SilkAir-operated flights. It's easy to accumulate these miles quickly because the program is a transfer partner with Chase, Citi, Amex, Marriott, and Capital One. Although it's never good to see prices go up, this announcement could certainly have been worse. www.abroaders.com/233

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Capital One had created a major shakeup in the travel rewards space by announcing the ability to transfer points to a dozen frequent flyer programs. They now join Citi, Chase, Amex, and Marriott in the realm of super-flexible, transferrable points. We've also got major positive updates to the Amex Business Gold card, more details on the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit, and a slew of new credit card offers to stack up points before the holidays. www.abroaders.com/230

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Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands are among the trickiest destinations to reach from North America using miles—especially for premium cabin redemptions. Success depends on planning ahead, diversifying your points for maximum options, and knowing what routes to check. This week, we cover all the direct routings with Star Alliance, One World, Skyteam, and a few independent airlines you can book with the right miles. www.abroaders.com/229

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Amex Membership Rewards is offering a 40% bonus on transfers to British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus through November 15th, 2018. These two loyalty programs can book flights with 29 different airlines—offering service to more than 1,000 destinations worldwide. Their pricing scheme is dramatically different from other loyalty programs, which means amazingly good deals on some itineraries, and horrible value on others.


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AP 225 Checklist for Opening a New Rewards Card

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Even when you use the right rewards card to pay for travel, sometimes it can be a ton of effort to get big companies to pay out the compensation you deserve when things go wrong. Today's show features an in-depth analysis of how to manage the claims process, and an interview with the CEO of a company on a mission to make filing for delayed flight compensation effortless. www.abroaders.com/207

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A few of the top rewards programs offer seasonal or destination based discounts on award tickets. Today, we dive into American Reduced Mileage Awards, FlyingBlue Promo awards, and a few other discount programs that can help you spend fewer points on your next flight. www.abroaders.com/205

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Are premium travel cards with high annual fees worth it? Despite the high price tag, these cards offer benefits that far outweigh the costs for some travelers. Today, we’ll compare the Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Citi Prestige to help you decide if one (or more) of these high-end cards is a good fit for you. www.abroaders.com/202

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Korean Airlines offers an elite business and first class product for travel from North America to Asia. Like Singapore and Lufthansa, Korean offers extra availability to members of their Skypass frequent flyer program. Today, we’ll cover how to use Chase Ultimate Rewards to book these tickets, and how to navigate Koreans unique award redemption process with minimal effort. www.abroaders.com/201.

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United is raising business and first class award prices on November 1st. We'll break down the worst of the changes and what flights you should make sure to book before the devaluation. In other news, the Southwest companion pass gets easier for California residents and remains on life support for everyone else. With new flights to Hawaii in 2018, now is a perfect time to apply for the Southwest cards and get buy-one-get-one-free flights for 2018 and 2019.

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This week, Erik breaks down his booking process and lessons learned from a recent redemption combining American miles, Citi Thankyou and a small Amex to SPG to Marriott transfer. In news and updates, you'll learn about a new Delta partnership with Lyft, Ridesharing returns to Austin, and Aeroplans evil plans to block your award bookings on Swiss. Show notes at abroaders.com/176

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This week, we celebrate 3 years of podcasting about points and miles. As a special thanks to you, we're giving podcast listeners lifetime access to our video course on earning and redeeming points. Top stories this week are SW delays the companion pass changes and Chase drops the Sapphire Reserve bonus to 50k after tonight. www.abroaders.com/157

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United is changing their routing rules on October 6th. Take advantage of the old rules now and learn how to book your Multi-city ticket before it changes. We give you 6 tips on booking your flight using Mileage Plus or Chase points. Also, new promotions with British Airlines and Alaska when purchasing miles, and sale fares with United domestically and to Asia.

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How should you plan out applying for cards when you have two people in the household that can apply? This week Erik and AJ go over what questions you should ask your self before you start applying and how to plan smart to redeem points for your next adventure.

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AP 118





  • Travel delays and how to get compensated
  • What to do during irregular operations / cancellations and delays
  • Obscure award tickets with oversized value




Bon dia!


For those that don’t know, Barcelona is in Spain, but it’s also in Catalonia. An autonomous region, something like a province. Spain and Catalonia don’t exactly get along. Many locals consider themselves to be Catalan, not Spanish.


  • 406 million spanish speakers in the world
  • 7 million catalan speakers


Catalan is an official language as is Spanish in Catalonia

  • Catalan sounds like a combo of Spanish, french, and Portuguese. However, a Catalan person may be offended by that and point out it is not derived from any of those languages, but Latin.


News and Updates


  • Delta Global upgrades - (Diamonds get 4 of them) can be used on KLM codeshares



  • 75k / 1k / 90 HHonors Card
  • 100k / 3k / 90 HHonors Surpass



  • Talk to a Swede



  • New BA offer 50/2/90 + 25k after 15k in 365
  • Not all that keen on this offer, or on BA as of late


Abroaders Executive Team Summit

  • Friend Jake arrived after a 31 hour delay on a Delta award
  • What he did well?
  • What are his ‘opportunities’
  • How many points should he ask for and what is his case


Travel Insurance



    • Full ticket price (can’t use a voucher and pay the rest with your card)
    • If you use points, they must be tied to the citi card you pay with.
      • Ex: pay with your platinum select card if you use AA miles


  • Only need to pay a portion with your card


  • Family is covered, friends are not
  • Coverage
    • Overnight stays
    • Transportation
    • Meals
    • Personal items
  • Requirements:
    • Claim form
    • Card statement
    • Itinerary
    • Proof of delay
    • Statement of compensation
    • Expense receipts


List of cards with delay coverage: http://milecards.com/15923/flight-delay-coverage-15-cards-that-pay-500-for-your-expenses/

Podcast listener Randy Johnston with a nice writeup on his Air France redemption: http://randyjohnston.info/2016/04/12/london-and-amsterdam-from-u-s-for-90-points/


  • 50k round-trip
  • Amex - Air France
  • Mini citi redemption between London and Amsterdam
  • Stopover permitted on round-trips with air france? Call to do this?


Zhandos Orazalin shared a cool post on reddit about one mans journey to a million FF miles


Ok lets talk about some obscure awards that can be big savings in points or cash


Often these come from

  1. distance charts when the rest are zone
  • BA direct flights (DUB-BOS) 12.5k
  • Iberia - MDE-MAD - 25k
  1. own metal discounts compared to partner award charts
  • Singapore
  • ANA



  • Nice fifth freedom route
  • What’s a fifth freedom route?


Singapore 5th Freedoms

  • IAH-DME (moscow)


Erik’s Research for flight to SSA

One way is $529 - if my dates were more flex $303 and I would have just bought it.

RT - $726


Aeroplan - 40,000 + $302 (one way) = 0.57 CPP

ANA - 65,000 + $476 (RT) = 0.38 CPP -- ** Oposite direction would only be $86 taxes @ 0.98CPP

United - 47,500 + $49 = 1.01
Air France - 40,000 + $92.84+ $68 (paid flight) = 0.92 CPP

Iberia - 31,700 + $105.87 + 68PF = 1.12 CPP

Citi - Malaysian - Emirates (Hub is DXB Dubai)



  • Milan - New York
  • Sydney - BKK


For example;

  • A one-way New York to Milan Emirates business class redemption will cost you 48,000 miles
  • A one-way New York to Dubai Emirates business class redemption will cost you 66,000 miles
  • A one-way Los Angeles to Dubai to Sydney Emirates business class redemption will cost you 87,000 miles

Citi on U.S. domestic flights


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ANA's new reward chart offers unique opportunities for travel savings and adventure. Tune to learn the sweet spots of the new chart as well as weekly travel savings updates by AJ and Erik. 

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How many points do you have now, what points are on their way from signup bonuses, and what points are up for grabs? Most importantly, how do you track all those points and make sure you’re in the best possible position to book your upcoming travles?  In today's episode, Erik answers these questions and covers some tips for getting free benefits you might not have realized you were entitled to with the cards you already have. You can find shownotes for today’s episode at www.abroaders.com/diversity

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Chase Ultimate Rewards are one of the most valuable of the points currencies because they offer the flexibility to transfer to 5 airlines and 4 hotels. In today’s episode, AJ and Erik cover the essentials of earning and redeeming Ultimate Rewards points. You can find shownotes for today’s episode at www.abroaders.com/usechase

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This bonus episode of the Abroaders Podcast features Erik Paquet on The Beach House podcast with Ilha and Ryan Brazil and Ilya Brotzky. You can find links to the Beach House podcast and website with and tons of great information about living and working with other entrepreneurs by checking out the shownotes at www.abroaders.com/beachhouse

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