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Highlights of the merger between SPG and Marriott. What it means for your status and transferring between accounts. Being able to take advantage of all the perks from all sides. AJ and Erik also go over 2 new sign-up bonuses, and a new route to Europe that will help... a lot!

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You’ve heard of co-working. Have you heard of co-living? Essentially, it’s co-working on steroids. This week A.J. talks with Chris Reynolds of theentrepreneurhouse.com about his journety to connect entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses (while exploring new cities and cultivating meaningful relationships). Shownotes can be found at www.abroaders.com/chris

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Where you stay and who you live with can have a massive impact on your experience abroad. Do you want to meet locals and learn the language? Be in the right neighborhood for site seeing? Need to get some work done? In today’s episode, AJ and Erik break down hotels and hostels, staying with locals, and renting a place. You’ll get straightforward advice about the benefits and drawbacks of each and a handful of resources to start planning your next trip right away. You can find shownotes for today’s episode at www.abroaders.com/accommodation.

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