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This week A.J. recaps some of the most valuable free resources at Abroaders.com and gives a run down on how to leverage an existing status with an airline into multiples statuses with multiple airlines. Shownotes for the episode can be found at abroaders.com/status.

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Want to go to Japan? Today Erik and AJ discuss the various aircraft alliances used to get to Japan. Find out which program is best for you based on the credit cards you have, desired flight product and location in the US. Learn which credit cards you should apply for if Japan in on your list of countries to visit! http://www.abroaders.com/Tokyo

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Today AJ interviews Jay Brock, founder of Hope for the Sold and writer of ‘Living Prayerfully’. Learn about Jay’s experiences traveling the world to help fight human trafficking for marriage. Also hear about Jay’s experience traveling to better understand prayer, some of his tips from traveling to over 40 countries and how to incorporate a job while traveling. Show notes at http://www.abroaders.com/jaybrock

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Learn the basics behind booking your award travel. Erik and AJ share the tools that they use to make bookings for customers, as well as inside information on how to best make a booking with the major air carrier alliances. Tune in to learn how to make your travel bookings today or to take steps to have Abroaders help you! Show notes at http://www.abroaders.com/search

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