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The courage, planning, and creativity to perpetually travel the world and vagabond is immense.  Imagine doing that with a family of 6!  Paul and Becky Kortman know all about how to make it happen.  Check out episode 55 of the Abroaders Podcast where Erik asks the Kortman’s about travel logistics, their children’s education while on the road, and much, much more. Shownotes at http://www.abroaders.com/family


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In 2014, Erik saved $18,500 on flights by using points! In today’s episode, Erik breaks down how he used points to book 23 separate itineraries to fly more than 100,000 miles for only $1,171 in cash. You’ll learn strategies for getting more value out of your points in 2015 and how to track your own savings to make better decisions about earning and redeeming points. 

Shownotes at http://www.abroaders.com/2014awards

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In this week's show, Erik takes us through his review of a pretty awesome 2014 for redeeming points. He was able to accrue over half a million points with just six cards. Using these points, he is able to buy airplane tickets at very cheap prices. He explains how to gain 50,000 points for very reasonable spending limits including one that has no spending limit. Also, he walks you through how he gained over 5,000 points in just complaints and retention challenges on his existing accounts. Lastly, find out what would be the best option when locating, negotiating, and using points. Tune in next week to hear part 2!

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