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Combining separate awards tickets or adding a paid flight to an award ticket can save you thousands of miles or give you added flexibillity, but it also increases your risk of misconnecting and having to reschedule when delays occur. In today’s episode, Erik covers the logisitcs of booking complex awards and how to give yourself the best chance of arriving at your destination on time. Shownotes can be found at abroaders.com/connections

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Ready to stop thinking about that trip of a lifetime and start taking concrete steps toward making it a reality? In today's episode, Erik revisits the fundamentals of planning and executing credit card applications to earn points for travel. You'll learn how to do a pre-application credit review, how to select and group cards based on your spending and travel goals, and how to execute your applications like a pro. Shownotes are at  www.abroaders.com/applications

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Jordan Harbinger has built a brand empire around people improve the quality of both their business and personal relationships. In today's episode, Erik sits down with Jordan to talk about travel adventures, building and maintaining business and personal relationships, and scaling his personal-development coaching service. Jordan shares key insights about non-verbal communication, his framework for evaluating situations and people, and some crazy travel stories including escaping from a kidnapping scenario in Mexico. You can find shownotes for today’s episode at www.abroaders.com/artofcharm.

Last week, ANA announced a major change to it’s frequent flyer program, shifting from distanced to region-based pricing. The change creates huge new opportunities for redeeming American Express Membership Rewards for global travel. Get the scoop on this weeks episode of the Abroaders Podcast at http://abroaders.com/ana

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Key learnings from managing the details of earning and redeeming frequent flyer points for dozens of customers. This week Erik and AJ go behind the scenes of the Abroaders Premium service to discuss the their system for staying on top of program rules and changes. They also discuss their process for validating the market, testing pricing, and selecting customers who can expect huge long term returns. Show notes at abroaders.com/value.

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Don’t buy that round the world package! Most frequent flyer programs offer round the world award tickets, but you can do much better building one from scratch. In today’s episode, Erik and AJ check in from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to talk about business class tickets to Europe, saving hundreds of dollars on ATM and foreign exchange fees, and building flexible, cheap round-the-world itineraries. Shownotes at http://abroaders.com/world

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Did you know you can save miles by making a stop on the way to your destination? In today's episode, AJ and Erik dive into United Airlines Mileage Plus program and some wacky zone based pricing that can save you tens of thousands of miles or leave you bashing your forehead into your keyboard. You can find shownotes for today’s episode at www.abroaders.com/united

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It's clear that travel hacking can save thousands and thousands of dollars on flights.  One thing that isn't perfefctly clear is the actual cost of travel hacking and how to reduce it any way possible.  In this episode, Erik explains how to avoid fuel surcharges, credit card annual fees, and over the phone booking fees.  Find shownotes at abroaders.com/cheap.

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You can find shownotes for today’s episode at www.abroaders.com/europe

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