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Air France / KLM takes a step towards pricing awards based on the cost of a paid ticket, Iberia launches an award sale on business class to Madrid and Barcelona, and we break down how to save miles booking Delta flights with partner miles. www.abroaders.com/210

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Even when you use the right rewards card to pay for travel, sometimes it can be a ton of effort to get big companies to pay out the compensation you deserve when things go wrong. Today's show features an in-depth analysis of how to manage the claims process, and an interview with the CEO of a company on a mission to make filing for delayed flight compensation effortless. www.abroaders.com/207

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A few of the top rewards programs offer seasonal or destination based discounts on award tickets. Today, we dive into American Reduced Mileage Awards, FlyingBlue Promo awards, and a few other discount programs that can help you spend fewer points on your next flight. www.abroaders.com/205

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This week we dive into new routes to Africa, a new twist on IHG Points Breaks, and tips for monitoring award availability to snag your next flight. www.abroaders.com/204

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Are premium travel cards with high annual fees worth it? Despite the high price tag, these cards offer benefits that far outweigh the costs for some travelers. Today, we’ll compare the Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Citi Prestige to help you decide if one (or more) of these high-end cards is a good fit for you. www.abroaders.com/202

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Korean Airlines offers an elite business and first class product for travel from North America to Asia. Like Singapore and Lufthansa, Korean offers extra availability to members of their Skypass frequent flyer program. Today, we’ll cover how to use Chase Ultimate Rewards to book these tickets, and how to navigate Koreans unique award redemption process with minimal effort. www.abroaders.com/201.

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